Life through Movement

Biokinetics uses an intricate knowledge of the body to allow movement to bring health and healing to the body.

Core Conditioning

If you had to work on just one group of muscles it would be your core, the layers of stomach muscles which give support to your back and are the centre of all movement. Angela will assess your core strength and then work with you to develop a core that brings smooth movement, added strength and protection from a range of potential injuries when you exercise.


Posture Correction

Humankind wasn’t created to sit nearly as much as we do. Our bodies are designed with movement in mind. Modern living and working often calls for us to sit in some rather unhealthy positions and this imprints on how our spines, muscles and other bones develop. Angela loves prescribing a set of exercies and routines that will get you sitting and standing more confortably. (She also is an ambassador for the excellent Spine Align brand of chair, ask her more about these).

Healthy Hearts

Our hearts are the engine of the body and a heart taxed by over-eating and under-exercising needs immediate care. Biokinetics is a key tool in ensuring your heart is healthy and fit. Angela is trained to design a routine that will suit your lifestyle and challenge you, just a little bit.

Sports Injuries

Ironically, the pursuit of health can sometimes lead to injuries and pain that feels anything but good. Angela applies her skills as a Biokineticist to sports injuries, combining massage and exercises to restore movement and flexibility so a sports person can return to their favourite activity.